Garage Door Replacement

Even if your garage door appears to be working without a problem, there still may be parts that need to be replaced in order to avoid expensive repairs and substantial damage if they break down completely. You can trust the garage door experts at Tri-State Garage Services to alert you to what parts need to be replaced and how often, so that your garage door stays working smoothly without missing a beat. Professional replacement by Tri-State Garage Services ensures all services are conducted safely and efficiently. As one of the most significant and crucial parts of your home, your garage door requires proper care to protect you, your vehicle, and your belongings. From door opener replacement to full garage door replacement, we have decades of experience replacing any and all garage parts available. We use top-of-the-line equipment to get your garage back to working in top condition.

At Tri-State Garage Services, garage doors are our passion, and we know every part inside and out and can fix anything that needs to be replaced. We offer:

Panel Replacement

garage door panel replacement

Something hitting the garage door may warrant the need for one panel, multiple panels, or all panels to be replaced. The panel directly impacts the door’s functionality, and we can provide the best recommendation about whether you need a garage door panel replacement.

Spring Replacement

garage door spring repair

Garage door springs are one of the most important parts that affect how your garage door works. Replacing them yourself can be dangerous because of how tightly wound they are, which is why leaving torsion spring and garage door extension spring replacement to professionals guarantees everyone remains safe.

Roller Replacement

garage door roller repair

Garage door rollers guide the garage door as it moves up and down on its track. While regular proper lubrication is important to keep rollers functioning properly, they also need to be completely replaced about once every seven years. If you’re hearing squeaking or screeching noises when your garage moves, the rollers may need replacing.

Cable Replacement

garage door cable repair

There are several types of cables that are necessary for your garage to work properly, including tension cables and an emergency release cable. Tension cables gauge whether there is any slack as your garage door moves, while an emergency release cable allows you to manipulate the garage door in case of a malfunctioning opener or a power outage. Both are important and should be immediately replaced if not working.

Door Opener Replacement

garage door opener repair

A garage door opener that’s not working may prevent you from being able to enter and exit your garage without a problem, which is frustrating and could delay you leaving on time for an important appointment. It also poses a safety issue, since an open garage gives intruders access to the inside of your home. We can provide the exact opener for your garage door model in no time. As homeowners ourselves, the professionals at Tri-State Garage Services know how important security is. We value the relationship with each individual and family we work with, and we work diligently and efficiently to get your garage door back up and running safely in no time.

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